" ...This woman is an outstanding professional performer who maintained eye contact with the entire audience throughout her performance..." (Helen McCall, Facebook)

outstanding - "... Lydia Wildauer showed astonishing versatility ...."It was inspired stuff." (Bristol Culture)

No Coronastopp for Lydia Wild After a promising first three months in 2020 with loads of cabaret shows and new connections the world came to a halt. So I used my time to get into Voice-over and the medium film. If you want to check it out - I got a new youtube channel.

More Co-operation with Austria 2019/2020 was, thanks to my two fantastic Austrian Clownfriends Martina Nowak und Christina Knöbel the time of clowning in Austria with Salon Sardine.

Marlene in Innsbruck Showing my Marlene Dietrich tribute act at the International Clownfestival 2018 in Innsbruck. What great fun it was!

Workshop News Two fun workshops with the fantastic Nola Rae. How amazing to have the chance to meet this brilliant performer. London 2018/2019

New Page Balloons Go Wild is online For some balloon modelling fun balloons go wild

New Website Balloons go WILD coming soon - have a look at the facebook page in the meanwhile

Barcelona, Vienna Tour Lydia just came back from a little holiday she was taking with MsLovaLova in her suitcase.We had a fantastic time in Barcelona, at Espai Poe-Tic. Thank you Mad Pirvan for organising this fantastic Cabaret for me. August 2017

Vienna was not less inviting and I am thankful for having a great performance at "Open Stage, alles oder Rien" in RIEN: And an absolute pleasure was it to bath in the fantastic audience at a Salon Sardine #7. What a fantastic night, thank you Sardine, Dominique with the baguette. Hope to perform with you soon again. September 2017

We won another prize After Dada for Girls won in May 2017 the Petit Prix at Wandsworth Fringe with our Show SPILT; we went to Sweden in September. And again was Lydia Wild in the cast with her Act SMILE. Hurray and we won another prize for the "Most Provokative Show of the Festival". YESS. Thank you all fellow artists and Isadora Vibes!

Goddesses We are playing with fire, we are playing with fabric, we are playing with the goddess who got bored and stepped down from her Olympia. Thanks to Natalie Castro and Chloe Penny a fun devising workshop has started to create a new outdoor festival show, happening now 2017.

Heaven is Burning at Kabaret at Karamel Having fun with wonderful talented performers, including the glamorous Keileigh Wolf. Another great performance night. April, 2017

The Palm Springs Cabaret Thank you John Celea for putting this lovely night together. MsEdelweiss and MsLovaLova saying hallo.

The Bloody Poets Another buzzing warehouse event at Arena Design Centre, London. Spring 2017 is full of surprises and how wonderful to meet Mad Pirvan and Belen Berlin and be part of the night.

Read my Lips Another great event curated by the wonderful Isadora Vibes. Thank you for inviting Lydia Wild with Ms LovaLova to Bristol.

DADA FOR GRLS is coming to London Lydia Elisabeth Wild is invited by Isadora Vibes again to join the DADA GIRLS. I am working currently on the Crazy Divas first appearance, happening now 2017

Ms Bumblebee at Beechfield Road, Street Party, some balloon twisting kiddies action on a sunny day in London’s neighbourhood, July 2016.

The Evil Garden Gnome at SPILT again a weird and wonderful show with Isadora Vibes and the DADA for GIRLS crew. Bristol, June 2016 Explicit, avant-garde performance art annihilation. Have a look at our DADA FOR GIRLS TRAILER Thank you Christine Strobl, its great.

Baroness of Shoe and Banana together with DADA FOR GIRLS crew at Mayfest party, Bristol 2016 .

Baroness of Shoe and Banana and the DADA FOR GIRLS crew were invited to the Cubes 100 YEARS of DADA celebration. Next to Desperate Man and other great performance artists at the Cube in Bristol, February 2016.

Miss Edelweiss at Bacchus Fest Ever wondered how it feels to crawl through a massive tree vagina into the womb and be re-bourn on the other side to be welcome cheered by a crowed of brothers and sisters. Come to this intimate and chilled out festivity in the heart of busy London, December 2015.

Poetry and Fire As part of National Poetry Day 2015's theme of 'Light', people whose jobs or ways of life are connected with light, read poems incorporating light. Lydia Elisabeth Wild, fire performer, reads 'Dazzle Dance' by Sue Hardy-Dawson, September 2015. Watch DAZZLE DANCE performed by Lydia Elisabeth Wild

Valentina at Bar Wotever Mashup, Hackney Attic, London, September 2015.

MsLovaLova Ms LovaLova, the legendary flying, smoking, working out lover is coming down from the trapeze in a hilarious ground based act and will make sure no one in the audience is save. Ladies behold, heshe is coming for your shoes, Vauxhall Tavern, London September 2015.

Valentina at Bar Wotever Mashup, Hackney Attic, London, September 2015. ...Bar Wotever according to TimeOut London is an ultra-chilled, ultra-welcoming queer performance mixer with a gloriously eclectic line-up and crowd. The vibe is supportive, exploratory and occasionally rough around the edges.

Marlene at Bar Wotever
While Marlene was headlining Bristol Fringe to say goodbye to Bristol, she here starts new connections in London. Thank you, Ingo Cando you are truly the most extraordinary producer with the an incredible energy and vision, August, 2015.

Mr Gonzales Fernandez Grandes unpacks his stilts and walks around the Harmony Festival Deptford, January 2015.

MOVING TO LONDON all contact details will remain the same, only address changes to 71 Ashfield Road MN4 1FF London, January 2015.

Marlene What a wonderful goodbye to Bristol. A big thank the wonderful host Sébastien Lauret for inviting me to headline this fun night at the Bristol Fringe. January 2015.

Podcast with Rob Bayly who invited Valentina, Miss Edelweiss, and Marlene to his Electic Select Somer Valley 97.5FM show, January 2015.

Photo shoot with the incredible Claudio Ahlers, stills in time
who is responsible for some of Lydia Wilds best shots. His pictures will be exhibited at the Edwardian Cloakrooms, October 2014.

...And me and vagina in the mirror and BBC news. Thank you so much Claudio – it was great pleasure

Valentina at the London Cabaret Convention. It is sad to hear that established cabaret artists recommend performing artists who want to work in cabaret better looking for a day job. The Proud Activist, October 2014.

Lola, Puck and Marilyn WE DID IT AGAIN and see what our audience said about our show at the Alma Theatre.

...I really enjoyed the show - it went off in lots of directions I didn't expect and the two of you had a lovely working relationship together onstage. It was very inventive and I loved the clowning routines that you'd incorporated into the act. Martin

...I also liked Puck's speech, it gave a depth to the piece that made it very interesting. Also, the script spoken in Lydia's voice and accent made it particularly pleasant, almost musical and very fairy-like somehow. Charlotte

...Dreamlike and candid parody with a somehow dark sense of self derision. The duo reminds me of the traditional French "White clown and the Auguste. Sebastiene

...Imaginative, entertaining and very funny, thanks Lydia Wild. Rachel

...Moving and emotionally engaging, even when touching on the ludicrous. A deeply humane tale rich in humour and wild abandon. Tom

...Great show and chat last night, ladies. One of the best things I've seen since coming to Bristol. Can't wait for more. Orla

Lola, Puck and Marilyn are invited by the wonderful Isadora Vibes
with their show to the Alma Theatre, October 2014.

Lola, Puck and Marilyn Watch our new Lola, Puck and Marilyn Trailer edited by our talented Christine Strobl, is ready. Thank you Christine, we love it.

Lola, Puck and Marilyn Finalised. Our grotesque clown mash up between Shakespeare and Beckett is showing at the Trinity Centre Bristol, invited by the Shakespeare Festival Bristol 2014.

Valentina at the Arnolfini Valentina is invited to the Arnolfini, Bristol, July 2014. Meet her at Bristol Pride´s Comedy night, on the 10th of July.

Short Sharp Shock - Luna Another fantastic night hosted by Isadora Vibes. Luna, meet the Luna moth and her transformation in the moon cycle

Extract from Lola, Puck and Marilyn Lola and Puck are showing first glimps into their new show at the Wardrobe Theatre, Itch night

More from Lola and Puck at the Bristol Fringe Theater, 14th May 2014

And again Lola and Puck and this time also Marilyn at the Bristol Fringe Theatre, June 2014

New company - Wild Lutrek Fresh faced Clowning: Wild Lutrek. Lydia Elisabeth Wild is working now together with the wonderful Izabela Walkowiak. A Austrian-Polish corporation which will show their first full length show at the Trinity Church, on the 13th of July. Lola, Puck and Marilyn. A Clown show for adults. In corporation with Bristol Shakespeare Festival and Bristol Pride.

Burlesque workshop "Burlesque für Frauen die sich sonst nicht trauen"
Burlesque Workshop, Vienna, Linz, Graz, January 2013, Flyer (pdf)

Burlesque workshop"Genderplay in Burlesque Performance" Flyer (pdf)
Burlesque Workshop for professionals, Vienna January 2013

The ascent of the Goddess at Short Sharp Shock
The Square Club, Bristol, October 2013

The flight of the bumble bee at Make Sunday Special
Bristol City Council, September 2013

Puck´s magic at Trowbridge festival, Trowbridge August 2013

The Lady in Black at Make Sunday Special
Bristol City Council, July 2013

Puck´s Magic at Short Sharp Shock
The Square Club, Bristol, June 2013

The Lady in Black at Short Sharp Shock
The Square Club, Bristol, March 2013

My Cage of Skin
One Women Show - PREVIEW
University Theatre, Bath Spa University
Newton Park, BA29BN
23rd and 24th June 2012, 7pm

Puck in a Midsummer Nights Dream
University Theatre, Bath Spa University, May 2012

Decima and the Mother in A Mouthful of Birds
University Theatre, Bath Spa University, December 2011

Lydia Elisabeth Wild is doing a BA in Performing Arts
At Bath Spa University, October 2011- June 2012

Julius Caesar
The Edinburgh Festival fringe,

8-21 August 2011, Edinburgh

Julius Caesar
Amphitheatre at Boiling Wells,

20-23 & 27-30 July 2011, Bristol 5. July 2011

Rehearsed Reading,"Gutter Mouth"
UWE Drama Society original Writing Showcase, Bristol May 2011

Newcomer Night:
Bath, Chapel Arts, Thursday, 19. May 2011, 8:30pm

Clownin festival 2010
Vienna, Kosmos Theatre, December 2010

"Dr.Hütli" at The Lansdown Cabaret, Bristol, October 2010

L, visual theatre:
St.Paul’s Church, Bristol, August 2010

Funny Woman "Dr.Hütli"
at the Camdon Fringe, London, August 2010

Photo exhibition and installation "Angle of view"
Bristol Old Vic June 2010

Ms.LovaLova and Aerial Ladder
at "The final stage" , Circomedia, Bristol, June 2010

"Monica from Austria" in "You take my breath away"
Cardiff, London, Glastonbury Festival, June 2009

Ensemble show (clown) of Jango Edward’s Master Class
"The Air Orchestra"
during the "Performance de Acteur Festival Cannes 2006"

Finissage "Orphelia lernt schwimmen"
performance, autor, director.
Exhibition by Anna Mitterer and Conny Kiro Cossa, Vienna 2003